Monday, September 16, 2013

Disposable Humanity

Sadly there is sick irony that the President's speech on the five year anniversary of the financial crisis was interrupted by a domestic terrorist act occurring in the background. 

The speech itself was mostly specious bullshit of course as he recounted how a "a lot of progress has been made" in the past five years. But then I almost shit a brick when he admitted that the recession had actually made economic conditions worse for the middle class. Surprisingly he never admitted spending $100k per household to only make things worse...

Look What I Bought You With Your Money
That $100k figure is the $7 trillion in additional debt divided by household. Mayor McJob did pat himself on the back for creating 7 million McJobs, but he failed to mention that each McJob cost a million dollars in national debt. There is nothing quite like a leadership buffoon spending inordinate amounts of your own money to give you ten cents on the dollar of benefit and then congratulating themselves on the result. Who needs lies when there are widely ignored truths? 

History's Largest Ever Oppression is Happening Right Now
These domestic "terrorist" attacks of course are not random events. They are the inevitable consequence of a globalized economic ponzi scheme that treats human beings like disposable widgets. This past weekend, I was entreated to a sermon by a holy man who told us that despite the various travails occurring throughout the world today, this does not justify acts of violence or general lashing out at society. Then he went on to recount the glorious liberation from oppression that occurred thousands of years ago as "our ancestors" threw off the yoke of oppression with mighty sword and divine acts of killing everyone. Excuse me? I suggest that there is no point in droning on about oppression that happened thousands of years ago to someone else, when oppression is occurring right now on a scale previously never even contemplated. These sanctimonious hypocrites decry past oppressions that they themselves never even suffered, yet they gladly turn a blind eye to today's overwhelming ongoing exploitation of the weakest people on the planet. Because as long as it's not happening to them or their exalted kind, then it's just business as usual.

Ponzi Capitalism Is Modern Day Slavery
Worse yet, these same elitists lament the frightening loss of humanity while totally ignoring their own role or benefit arising from the current exploitative ponzi scheme that has them installed at the top of the pyramid. Never before has there been so much human wealth and yet so little allocated to the majority on this planet. The top 1% worldwide have twice as much wealth as the entire bottom 90% of the world's population. Tens of thousands of children worldwide die every day for want of a few dollars worth of food or medicine. The concept of compassion towards our fellow man was substantially discarded when people became disposable labour drones. This self-absorbed society hasn't seen any sign of humanity larger than a foodstamp for decades now. And clearly the elitists at the top are starting to realize that their positions of wealth and power are growing ever-more tenuous so therefore they need to spin a specious narrative that somewhere along the line "humanity" was inexplicably lost due to the overall degradation in human morality - or better yet due to inferior cultural and racial attributes. All the while they ignore their role in the exploitation and resulting degradation both in morality and in humanity. Ponzi capitalism is no more than modern-day slavery on a massive scale wherein vulture capitalists pay factory slaves a nominal wage and then brag about their faux generosity. Those who benefit the most from it are the least capable of acknowledging that it's a system designed for mass exploitation. Meanwhile, the other real truth is that in addition to the widespread mass poverty and silent suffering occurring now, aka. the "status quo" - most of history's oppressed societies don't even have an exploitation narrative. Why? Because they were annihilated decades or centuries ago. They no longer even exist to tell their story. Or, like the Africans, they are still being degraded on a scale that no other culture in all of human history can even fathom. So they haven't had the time or resources to come up with a suitable marketing brochure. 

Human Beings Were Not Meant To Live This Way
Human beings were not meant to live in a sterile transactional society where social interaction is whittled down to a vacant nod at the point of sale - or an ever-dwindling dopamine hit from a Facebook post. For the past roughly one hundred thousand years of prior history (plus or minus) humans lived in tight knit communities wherein social interdependence and shared experience was the norm. Only in relatively recent times was the concept of interdependence reviled as dependency or "communism" and wholesale exchanged for the barren wastelands Kunstler describes as shopping mall exurbs. So I would say to the holy man and anyone else who is surprised by what comes next, not to expect too much "humanity" at this juncture. These growing numbers of people becoming violent enraged radicals were dehumanized a long time ago. The globalized ponzi economy cleaved these people from the human race and otherwise discarded them from a social-economic perspective. The actions of those who now bemoan the "loss off humanity", were largely to blame for this degradation in humanity that occurred relentlessly for past decades in wave after wave of human attrition. So I have no sympathy for the comfort-seeking sanctimonious hypocrites who attempt to claim a moral high ground when they ceded that high ground a long time ago via their own duplicitous (in)actions. More importantly of course, these attacks are just the tip of the iceberg. Social mood is turning down again, without any prospect of a near term recovery. The age of sowing is now just ending. Next comes the age of reaping.