Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Globalized Slave Economy

Using the data from the Global Wealth Pyramid, below is a percentiled wealth distribution bar chart, similar to the one I created last week for the U.S.:

Global Distribution of Wealth:

"Who Wants to Be a Millunaire?"
It's staggering to realize that the top 1% have over twice as much wealth as the bottom 90% and obviously that surplus in wealth is entirely dependent upon ongoing (low cost) resource extraction from the world's poorest nations and ultra low cost slave labour.  Whereas, I called the U.S. pyramid scheme a lottery, this globalized fiasco is definitely a Ponzi Scheme, the difference being that in a lottery you have a chance of winning, albeit miniscule.  In a true Ponzi Scheme no one makes it out of the bottom unless they get adopted by Angelina Jolie and she has about 50 kids already.

Ponzi Squared
It's also staggering to realize that the U.S. pyramid scheme is actually embedded within the 10/82 stack on the right hand side i.e. it's a Ponzi within a Ponzi.  So most Americans living in the global penthouse are essentially live-in servants to the ultra-wealthy.   Meanwhile the developed nations are so bloated and cynical right now that we willfully believe the morally bankrupt econo-rags and "esteemed" economists telling us that this globalized human catastrophe is the best economic model possible for ending world poverty.  It's always amazing how much patience one can have for failed economic models when others are doing the suffering, and the next Davos Summit is around the corner.

Limit Down:  Margin Call For Atlas
The only good news is that Ponzi Schemes always fail, and this one will be no exception.  It's clearly already staggering under the weight of its own bloated excess.  And when it inevitably collapses in on itself, the magnitude of the resulting crater will make 2008 a fond memory by comparison.  Predictably though, as soon as it collapses, all of the Ayn Randists will come crawling out from under their rocks to tell us it was due to all the unaffordable social programs.  Taking a look at the chart above however, the only visible "social" program is non-consensual anal fornication.

Am I My Brother's Keeper?  Obviously Not.
Between the sodomizing pedophiles, born again ultra-hypocrites, grotesque mega churches, glassy eyed credit card collecting Sunday morning Televangelists, ultra violent Jihadis multiplying like gerbils, and all of the sanctimonious hypocrites in between - the guilt-recycling business that is organized religion, stood by and let this happen.  Case in point, now there is a Presidential Candidate whose cult allows him to make hundreds of millions outsourcing workers, stash the money in offshore tax-free bank accounts, then brag breezily that "I like being able to fire people who provide services to me", as if destroying someone's life is his personal on/off switch - yet he's not allowed to drink coffee.  That is religion in a nutshell.  Sorry if that offends you, but my religion is Reality - we have no church and very few members.  If there is a God, it can't be impressed with how we have we have squandered our endowment and turned our backs on the overwhelming majority, all while taking the Lord's Name In Vain.