Monday, April 8, 2013

The Richest Man In Babylon

Margaret Thatcher passed away today.
The Idiocrats were tripping all over themselves to give her 146 character "tributes" on Nit-twitter. Her entire lifetime reduced to two phrases and some incomprehensible hash tags. I pray no one Tweets my death - good or bad. The Twittersphere takes Shakespeare's "damning with faint praise" to an insane level - pulverizing ideas into meaningless gibberish and then spraying them at the attention deficit disordered via gatling-style news feed. Twitter epitomises the lethargy of a bloated generation that can no longer read or write anything longer than a Chinese fortune cookie. Out of gas. Clogged with too many of Sarah Palin's Big Gulps.

Axis of Evil
Meanwhile, I just learned from my Faux News buddy Ann Coulter that Thatcher wanted to teach Palin how to speak English. Apparently the overture was rebuffed. Maybe Palin didn't want to learn a foreign language. You know, I lost a lot of money betting on Sarah Palin for 2012. Four years ago, I extrapolated the trajectory of the Idiocracy and decided this has to be the next stop. They fooled me though, instead they nominated a Plutocratic vulture capitalist who liked to brag about his accomplishments outsourcing his own country. I figured people who had just lost their jobs wouldn't vote for the guy - boy was I wrong. And I know, I would have lost the bet anyway...

A tribute to the Iron Ladies - Thatcher, Coulter, Palin, Ayn Rand, etc. etc. etc. 
After 4,000+ years of domination, women are now outperforming men in many fields. There is a recent book out called The End of Men. They were going to call it "The End of Real Men", but the publisher didn't want a book set in the 1950s. I already wrote that it's a biological fact that men are turning into women in, the post "Boyz to Bitches". Anyway, this new book is really more about the ascendancy of women who act like men. The first chapter, is called "Hearts of Steel".  I find it offensive that Thievery Corp blames men for having hearts of stone, while women take pride in theirs. There is plenty of blame to go around...