Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Grin Fucked

I have to admit, the one thing this stagnant bloated society is really good at, is "communicating". Every minute of every day is filled with myriad radio, TV, and internet talk shows full of bullshit artists spewing forth on the issues of the day non-stop. It's the overwhelming preoccupation of a decayed society no longer capable of making and taking hard decisions, to talk incessantly as a proxy for action.

Unfortunately, that just means that society at large, stewing in a lethal cauldron of junk food and junk culture, is bent over the log getting grin fucked to death...

Let's face it, any decision that can be postponed, will be postponed. Got a debt ceiling? Punt 3 months. Got a debt problem - print money. Got a bad economy - talk about it for four years. Worse yet, those pollyannas who incessantly tell us that the economy will magically get better, have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. In historical terms, they would be considered "reactionaries" i.e. those tasked with maintaining the current order at all costs. It's their job, whether they admit it or not.

Meanwhile, the media love this current paradigm of "all talk, no action". It plays to their strength. Imagine a paradigm where they would have to know something about the real world and how it operates on a day-to-day basis? They might have to get a real job.

I had a boss several years ago who was an inveterate bullshit artist. He loved to use our weekly team status meetings to "strategize". But whenever it came time to take action, he would put the brakes on, telling us - we need to think this through more before we take any action. Sure enough, this went on for (too many) years, until that one day when security escorted him out of the building. 

When I went to patch things up with our biggest (internal) client, who was a big burly Vietnam Vet with a somewhat intimidating disposition. All he said as he pointed a finger across the table, is - 

"don't ever grin fuck me".

Too bad he doesn't run this country.