Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Deep Impact: Endgame for the Idiocracy

We are watching this movie in slow motion, so if everyone hasn't figured out the plot yet, they should be forgiven.

That said, if one looks past all of the lies, propaganda, newspeak and distractions, the endgame for the Idiocracy is in fact unfolding in real time...

Unfortunately, there will be those who inadvertently stumble upon this "after the fact", still mumbling to themselves - "not again - how could this happen !!!".  

So here are a few of the bread crumbs that might have given the comfort seekers of the day, a hint that "all of this" was just a distorted fantasy, propagated by rampant consumerization:

> A society that elects a corporate controlled political party to oversee the liquidation of the country and then elects a second, pseudo-liberal party to hand out food stamps until the first one gets back into power

> A society that elects actors, dilettantes and other assorted "empty shirts" to lead the most powerful nation in human history

> A society that turned organized religion into a mega-business (some will say it always was one)

> A society that outsourced its own jobs but now ponders why there are no jobs, and blames the jobless for being unemployed

> A society borrowing money to fix a debt problem

> A society in which the cartoons are made for the "adults" instead of the kids

> A society that sentences its own kids to a life of diabesity and premature death, all in the name of "consumer choice"

> A society that treats war like it's a video game and invades other countries under false pretense, but then is outraged when terrorists counter-attack

> A society in which it's easier to buy 10 assault rifles, 15,000 rounds of ammo and a bulletproof vest, than it is to buy a car

> A society that entrusts its retirement finances to the most greedy and corrupt people in the history of the planet, even though they were wiped out twice by these same greedbots in the past twelve years already

> A society that delegates its energy and environmental policy to ExxonMobil

A plasticized society, having discarded all appreciation for human character, now using psychotic-inducing "happy pills" to paper over the cracks in the decaying mental foundation; all instead of accepting the fact that this pointless and superficial lifestyle is not how humans have lived for the past 100,000 years. 

History's dumbest society, without comparison, has already run well off the cliff, so now we are just marking time before deep impact...