Saturday, October 6, 2018

The Empire Is Under Big Mac Attack

The endgame is becoming very clear now. Who will the nutjobs blame when this circus collapses like a cheap tent, the mirror?

What we (didn't) learn in 2008 is that today's "capitalists" don't accept the rules of their own game. Their continued existence is proof we live under a double standard. We had to bail out the system in order to save it for a much bigger con job. This time around is going to fix the problem at a more fundamental level. And no, they don't see it coming - how could they see a trap they set for themselves...

You can tell the age of men is over, by the fact that so many are crying like baby jackasses. Playing the exact same victim card they excoriate in women and minorities. Today's so-called capitalists who believe in the Darwinian system need to embrace the fact that they are the only people left to be monetized. On the efficient frontier of "fucking everyone else", they ARE everyone else.

This week a stream of crying bitches from the alt-right about the marginalization of men. Unfortunately, the question on the table isn't who is victim versus victimizer. It's who is self-destructing. 90% of murders are by men. Because we're good at it. When we're not killing things in real, we're meeting our friends on Xbox so we can kill them, GTA free balling, grabbing crotch and otherwise creating mayhem. But now we have a generation of men marginalized by their own knife and fork. It's no secret that over-consumption is the leading cause of testosterone collapse.

Every three days there's a 9/11 Big Mac attack on the empire:

"Obesity and lack of exercise are responsible for about 1,000 American deaths each day

obesity takes a special toll on male hormones, sexuality, and prostate health."

Now we're left with pseudo-men bragging about what type of diaper they wear, while at the same time crying about victimization. It's too late to grow a pair. Men are going down, no question. Because men are BOTH victim AND victimizer. Binge drinking frat boys nominated to the highest court of law by Viagra-addicted jackasses. 

Who created the iPhone? Who created Facebook? Who created crack cocaine? Who created Johnny Walker? Who created the Big Mac? Who funded stock buybacks with mass layoffs and industrial arbitrage? Who turned the economy from factories to cappuccinos? Who created Fentanyl? Men. Preying on other men. Because they knew they were weak whining bitches who couldn't resist being fully monetized. If those so-called capitalists truly believe in a Darwinian society, then it's time for them to man up and accept their fate. It's their system after all. 

Darwin was right. Real men are not worried. Because the species called half-men won't be around much longer. Something we can finally ALL agree upon.