Sunday, July 26, 2015

2008 Is Resuming Right Where It Left Off

i.e. In 2008:
The biggest divergence in history...
The S&P reached a new all time high while the % of stocks above the 200 day moving average was trending steadily lower
(Meaning that Financials, Tech, and Healthcare are all massively overbought/overowned)

July to July View:

What do Chinese internet stocks and the Japanese Yen have in common?

100% correlation. 

With the Dow:
Yen (red) with Dow

The major U.S. indices, which are technically the weakest since late 2008, are correlated to MASSIVELY Yen-leveraged Chinese internet stocks, 20% of which are still halted

The Idiocracy was given six years, so they went to the shopping mall.