Tuesday, December 30, 2014

"Prepare for Melt-up": Airlines Up 60% Since October

The U.S. will continue to melt-up, while the rest of the world is melting down

MW: December 30th, 2014
"The Market Calm Before a Third Phase Bull Blowout"
"Investors just poured $36.5 billion into U.S. stocks last week, the biggest inflow on record. Foreign markets saw continuing net outflows".

Richard Russell: “My belief is that the coming of the stock market boom will envelope everything from housing prices to precious metals to all commodities,” 

Never mind that the airline index is up 60% since the October low i.e. 300% annualized

A Melt-up Starting from a Melt-up
Airline Index: Up 60% since the October low

Utilities: top performing sector of 2014 (and the most defensive sector of the entire market)
"utilities are still outperforming, which could be a sign of concern that the strength is about to be sapped" aka. late stage

This trend in global macro will be reversed. Shortly:

To believe in psychopaths AGAIN. Or not. The only question.