Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Inconvenient Truth: Stranger to the Idiocracy

The Ron Paul / Commonsense platform that was totally ignored in 2012:

"We can't afford to invade other countries anymore"
WTF? Who will teach them "Exceptionalism" and spread McDonald's and Starbucks to every corner of the Earth?

"We can't borrow our grandchildren into oblivion anymore"
WTF? How will we fund tax cuts for RomneyBots and $500 million dollar fighter planes?

"We can't bailout the Wall Street casino anymore"
WTF? Who is going to buy my GoPro shares?

"We can't print money anymore"
WTF? Who is going to buy my GoPro shares?

"We can't buy oil from terrorist sponsoring nations anymore and, we can't inject fracking waste water into clean aquifers anymore"
WTF? I need to drive my daughter to soccer practice in my Suburban 3 times per week 50 miles roundtrip

"We can't trade openly with Third World nations anymore"
WTF? What about Black Thursday at Walmart? Who will make my iGadgets?

"We can't liquidate jobs and entire industries for a few quarters of extra profits anymore"
WTF? Who's going to tell the Billunaires they're about to become Millunaires?

"We can't feed our kids Frankenfood anymore"
WTF? Premature death by diabesity is "consumer choice"

Voters give the lies 100% approval and the liars 8% approval

This was never about intelligence, it was solely about honesty