Thursday, March 13, 2014

The "Fuck You Jack, I'm Ok" Historical Experiment Is Self-Imploding

Global Wealth Has Never Been Higher and Yet We Already Live in a Refugee Camp
The de facto moral collapse already occurred in broad daylight between episodes of American Idolatry and the Kardashians. Economic collapse is WELL advanced, minimally disguised by Wizard-of-Oz style smoke and mirrors. Financial collapse began in 2008, yet was interrupted by global Central Banks on behalf of billionaires and Baby Boomers. They "saved" the system by adding 25x more speculative leverage. And in keeping with the moral collapse theme, they enforced no accountability hence leaving the exact same sociopaths ensconced on Wall Street. For a morally decayed society that gambles in the same casino that already robbed them twice, and that otherwise believes money printing is the secret to effortless wealth - final collapse can't come any other way than by total surprise...
There is No Need to Predict What Is Going to Happen When It Largely Already Happened

The Moral, Economic and Financial Collapse is well advanced:

A fake and wholly unsustainable consumption-oriented lifestyle, subsidized by Third World factory slaves making $.80/hour, now on life support with every type of borrowing and money printing ever invented

$33 trillion of wasted global "stimulus" still can't recover the jobs, median incomes and economic activity that evaporated in 2008; mass outsourcing pumped the "stimulus" straight into offshore bank accounts via the corporate bottom line.

Billionaires making $50k every 3 minutes, inform us that "things have never been better" and predict the "end of poverty" as the global poverty (slavery) line sits at $1.25/day. Bernankenstein printed Bill Gates' income up by $9 billion last year - don't worry, it took no effort - which is the equivalent income of 20 million people living at the slavery line. 

History's largest financial crisis has been "fixed" by adding 25x more speculative leverage than existed in 2007

A society worshipping the false idol of "consumer choice" as it treats its own kids like corporate toxic waste dumps, amid soaring diabesity

A Fed-addicted stock market that only goes up when the economy goes down

Money printing (debt monetization) as an openly accepted and widely adopted economic policy

Frat boys outsourced millions of jobs and entire industries and now spend all of their time wondering when the economy will show up

School shootings going parabolic as the mental health of dopamine-addicted zombies implodes as everyone pretends not to notice

Invading the wrong country under false pretense and then camping out for 12 years, pretending to make things better 

Invading the Ukraine despite having signed a treaty to protect Ukraine in exchange for nuclear disarmament. Say goodbye to global nuclear non-proliferation. It just ended this week, whether the dullards in leadership realize it or not. 

Neocons borrowing the grandchildren into abject oblivion to fund military adventures, tax cuts for billionaires, and consumption binges under the phony auspice of  "Keynesian economics". Or as Bush said "We are all Keynesians now", making Krugman just a stooge for Supply Siders.

Buffoons in politics with approval ratings less than a shoe size, lying constantly while nothing of consequence ever changes

1960s hippy activists turned Dow worshippers, fixate on their 401k balances while everything else circles the drain in the background

The Wall Street elite who created and profited from the 2008 collapse, remain in power, while the Idiocracy pretends that it won't happen again

The South Park educated Idiocracy, stoned on junk food and junk culture, totally oblivious to anything beyond their own self-interest

Holy men turn a blind eye to the global factory slave exploitation, too busy collecting credit cards, covering up child molestation, and otherwise describing all of the unjust exploitation that took place four thousand years ago

Infotainers ignore all of the above and instead serve up a menu of vacuous bullshit to their devoted followers

The largest issue we face in this age is the complete and total lack of moral leadership. The entire power elite is beyond corrupt and openly accepts malfeasance without question. These types of people created this fiasco, and they won't be the ones to solve it. This decadent society is going to learn the hard way about trusting people who don't deserve to be trusted.

Overall, collapse is well advanced and yet still widely ignored. Like the Berlin Wall in 1990, it will take the collapse of the Dow to reveal to the masses that collapse of "the empire" already took place years ago.

The "Fuck you Jack, I'm ok" historical experiment is melting down in real-time under the weight of its own depravity.

Nothing more than pulp fiction for testosterone depleted boy-men, billionaires, and combination thereof. 

It's a refugee-style junk philosophy invented by you-guessed-it, a fucking refugee: