Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Fatal Attraction to All Things Fake. Now Ending Badly.

The Creator gave the human race everything they needed, so they threw it straight into the landfill. 

Given enough time, humans will believe literally anything, just so long as it's not contaminated by any form of reality. And the more people believe something, the more certain will be their belief, no matter how impossible or totally asinine.

Therefore, in order to be successful, the impending reset needs to be sufficiently "adverse" so as to finally wean the hairless monkeys off of their addiction to all things shiny and fake, and otherwise accept unvarnished reality (truth) the way it was intended. 

A fake global economy. No problem, give it a few Black Thursdays.

A fake stock market. Give it a few thousand points.

Fake leaders. Just let them tell lies non-stop for decades.

Fake ideologies, religions and dogmas. Give them a few centuries, they'll catch on.

A fake way of life. Give it a few million advertisements.

The Taliban are patient. They can wait.