Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Love Thy Neighbour Or Perish - Decisions, Decisions...

The measure of a real man (or woman) is what he does for others, not what he does for himself. 

Comfort seeking - the order of the day - is the domain of children and refugees...

What a sad and pathetic, now dying age we live in, wherein the overriding preoccupation is a totally absorbed concern for self. The greed worshippers have even invented new junk philosophies to rationalize their infantile obsession with self interest  -  when there was always an obvious explanation staring them in the face aka. "instinct". It's all just refugee culture even at a time when it's totally unwarranted, when there is no crisis. No society has consumed more resources than this Westernized consumption-oriented civilization, all squandered on meaningless luxuries, and material excess, even as the majority on the planet suffered. Worshipping the false idol of greed, an openly accepted norm of the day.

There are those who say that humanity has always been like this - selfish and self-absorbed. Of course that's wishful thinking. The great philosophies of history are far more advanced and profound than the Simpsons and South Park Idiocracy of today. Our grandparents' generation had ten times the grace and class of the current age of child-like buffoons.

No, we live in an age dominated by greed addled egoists who think that a fancy car or house can compensate for having a small cock and man tits, the net result of being attacked by their own knife and fork. It's a transactional society oriented around the cult of the individual whereby "relationships" have been dwindled to a nod at the point of sale. Interdependence upon one another and community is taken as a sign of weakness and derided as "socialism". Whatever that means.

This society run by and for old men and their man-boy flunkies, is running low on time and energy, you can see the age and fatigue in their faces. Keeping up with the Dow Jones' on the rat race to nowhere is exacting a heavy toll on this artificial society that has no clue how to live a balanced or sustainable way of life, not involving egregious amounts of resources.

I don't care what comes next, and I know it won't be pleasant, but as long as it obliterates the status quo - then it will be fine by me. This crass society is overdue to be flushed down the toilet of history. It's a way of life devoid of virtue or grace, wherein obscene wealth has been confused as a proxy for class, when clearly it's the opposite. This globalized economic fiasco was totally preventable given the amount of wealth, knowledge and technology at our joint disposal, but it was all squandered due to an insatiable lust for more.

So, in an imminent age of tribulation, we will finally separate the men from the man-boys and find out if there's enough humanity left in the human race to survive by the most basic and universal moral code.

Or not.