Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Life (And Death) In A Stagnant Society

Our thought dealers are running the global economy like it's an old age home - no one gets any better, and no one leaves through the front door.

Well, as long as they had a good run, that's what matters...

Life In The Old Age Home
The days drag on endlessly - nothing changes - every day is the same as the last. The staff are obligated to keep everything exactly the same, so that "residents" don't get agitated when anything is slightly different than usual

Our "wise" elders drone on incessantly about nothing, under the false assumption that they know more than everyone else...Talking for the sake of talking is the overwhelming preoccupation. 

Our leaders make the same promises over and over again - like an old man telling the same two stories - as if we forgot the last time they told them.

Any *new* idea is immediately quashed as requiring too much change and too much effort...

There is barely enough energy and motivation to keep up appearances, much less do anything else.

The only entertainment comes when someone gets shot or blown up on "the news", otherwise it's mind numbing television 24 hours a day

Everyone's savings are depleted towards zero, since no one needs money when they are dead - and "the kids will just 'blow it' anyway"...

Everyone has a reverse mortgage on the house for maximum leverage - similar to the National Debt - leveraged to the maximum to blow-up the next generation

Underlying conditions are never treated, so residents are doped up to oblivion - similar to Monetary Policy, modern day economic euthanasia...

The conversation always turns on the same three irrelevant topics   - any attempt to broaden the conversation to something relevant is met with a blank stare and drooling

Residents crap their pants but don't seem to mind, because they already have a diaper on and they don't mind that either - there's no pride anymore

There's a stagnant smell hanging in the air, but no one knows where it comes from

Things go along unchanged for what seems like forever, and then death is sudden.
- everyone is somehow surprised when it happens

R.I.P. economy - we hardly knew ya...