Friday, February 1, 2013

Buried Alive

For anyone who was the least bit curious as to what it feels like to be buried alive, well now you know. Apart from the escalating sound of gun fire in the ever-closer distance, for the most part this society remains comfortably numb, even as shovels of dirt are being thrown on its face...

We have now entered a twilight zone in which reality no longer matters. The Arab Spring that is now devolving into the Islamic Revolution, doesn't matter. Netanyahu running around like a buffoon poking everyone in the eye, doesn't matter. North Korea/South Korea, no worries. China/Japan, no problem. A dead economy - borrow more money.

As long as the stock market inches higher day after day and the Baby Boomers can pretend that they will get to retire at all future generations' expense, nothing matters.

This vacation from reality, rented to us by Central Bankers at the mere cost of everything, is a politician's dream. No action, no consequences, no problem. It allows them to do what they do best which is to allow all of the really large issues to grow unchecked in the background, while they fiddle fuck around like a cub bear playing with his dink.

Unfortunately, all this vacation from reality means, is that instead of treating the underlying disease at the point of diagnosis, instead this society will find out there is no point in reaching for the prescribed treatment, when you are already buried six feet underground.