Monday, September 17, 2012

Wall Street to OWS - Get A Job!

Occupy Wall Street marked its one year anniversary today.  In the intervening period, the only thing the whores on Wall Street have learned is that business as usual is perfectly acceptable and there are no repercussions for their ongoing greed and malfeasance.  To them it's as if 2008 and the massive bailouts never even happened.

Just today, "Money Honey" Maria Bartiromo from CNBS, in her role as Wall Street Mouthpiece tells Occupy Wall Streeters, to just get a job already.  I apologize for the advertisement - someone has to pay for the rivers of bullshit emanating from that station...

Below is my take on her keen "observations"  (Mac10 is my alias):

"...a year ago just a few blocks away. All to protest what they call income inequality and what they describe as corporate greed..."

Mac10: They being the human race outside of Wall Street

" year later after hundreds of arrests, property destruction,sleeping on the streets let's tally up what has been accomplished by the movement - not much...."

Mac10:  That's right, nothing has changed.  It's business as usual.  Apparently the powers that be, never got the message, so we just have to try harder this next time.  In the meantime, bear in mind, that when real change does come to town, no one will be listening to your screeching bullshit.

"my suggestion was to try and get a job..." 

Mac10:  Wow.  You like it rough huh?   Well suffice to say that not everyone can make a living lying on their back, honey muff...

"...if this movement has a problem with business go to washington and get the laws changed...."

Mac10: Let's see - if you don't like laws created in Washington as quid pro quo for having their campaigns financed by Wall Street, then go to Washington to get those laws changed?  Am I getting that right? 


"even though occupy wall street seemed to have galvinized thousands to protest the movement's numbers have been steadily declining" 

  Mac10:  That's right, everyone went out to get jobs, but couldn't find any, because the greedy pricks that you have as guests on your show, outsourced all the jobs.  Meanwhile, last year was just a warm-up, because when the movement really gets rolling, membership will be numbered in the millions, not the thousands.


" is worth mentioning one other thing as occupy wall streeters have been protesting, the financial index is up 29%.  It's clear that if banks were all the things occupy wall street accused them of being those stocks would not be soaring"

Mac10:  ?  Where to begin...Let's see, nothing has changed, therefore financial stocks are still making obscene profits...BUT, if Wall Street Banks were in fact truly greedy, then those higher profits should translate into lower stock prices?   Well at least that puts to rest any debate as to why she works at CNBS (i.e. it's not for her investing acumen).

And here is the most egregious video of all.  Interactive Brokers made a commercial advertising their trading platform, by mocking the OWS protests...