Sunday, May 27, 2012

Harvard: leading the U.S. into the abyss

I had an epiphany last night that some would say is long overdue:

Harvard above all other 'schools of thought' is spawning sociopathic morons who are destroying the U.S. from every angle.

Just consider the most recent examples:

George  W. Bush, Obama, Romney all went to Harvard - need I say more ?  Only empty shirts need apply.  It should come as no surprise that the Idiocracy is attracted to vacuous con artists like a moth to a flame.

Not only did Ben Bernanke go to Harvard, but he was Dorm-mates at Winthrop House with Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein (I could end this blog post right here).

And don't get me started on Larry Summers, now Dean of Harvard, and former Treasury Secretary under Clinton, during the go-go years of financial deregulation.   It was Summers and yet another Harvard Alumni, Robert Rubin, who were key proponents for repealing the depression-era Glass-Steagall Act which strictly separated banking functions.  Glass Steagall was put in place explicitly to prevent the kind of financial excess and incest that is rampant on Wall Street (still) today.

Wall Street is dominated by Harvard alum: e.g.  Jamie Dimon, Hank Paulson, Lloyd Blankfein...

Business: 65 of the Fortune 500 CEOs went to Harvard, not to mention the legions of MBA CEO-wannabes outsourcing their way up the Corporate ladder.

Then there's the latest high profile screw-up Mark Zuckerberg.  Let's see, Facebook went public one week ago, opening at $45.  It closed this past Friday at $31 for a one week loss of 30%.  Mark Hulbert pegs fair market value at $13.80 and the way this POS has been trading, it will be there within two weeks.

History: Niall Ferguson
You can thank Ferguson for spawning this Harvard tirade.  I watched an interview of him last night, and I almost crapped my pants.  In this interview he waxes eloquently about the source and proximate cause of the Greek/European debt crisis, but then halfway through he runs straight off the reservation:  He says that  the long-term solution to this problem is for Germany to now directly subsidize Greece (and soon the other profligate nations) via Eurobonds.  Profound !  Here, I thought the solution to borrowing too much money, was to spend less.  But it took someone from Harvard to explain to me that what you do is look around for someone with deep pockets and coerce them into covering not just your debts, but your ongoing overinflated lifestyle.  And how long will this strategy last before it drags Germany down into the economic abyss ?  In Harvard terms, I would give it about one semester...However, don't overlook the fact that Ferguson just gave Eurocrats top cover to pursue the latest option in the ongoing 'Extend and Pretend' saga. Ferguson is no stranger to controversy and is known for his inclination towards 'counterfactual history', which is what you find in what's known as the 'fiction' section of the library.


So, what do all of these people have in common?  First, because they went to Harvard (or taught there), their ideas are automatically accorded undue influence by the sycophantic lamestream media, all of whom wished they too had gone to Harvard.  Secondly, they are all pushing ideas and concepts that sound great on the outside, but are totally vacuous on the inside - marketing concepts/fantasies/delusions.

I just finished the book 'Quiet',  which very articulately explains how the U.S. changed in the past century from being dominated by men of Character (honour, integrity, morality), versus now, being dominated by men of Personality (confidence, extroversion and salesmanship) - the art of making things sound better than they really are...The book devotes considerable space analyzing Harvard Business School which is the undisputed leader in turning out thought dealers of the sociopathic nature.  One student interviewed in the book describes his entire education as basically a pep rally.  He had one Professor who demanded extreme confidence from his students, telling them that even if you only believe something 55%, you should say it as if you mean it 100%...

And to think, the American electorate has a choice in November to pick from not just one Harvard Graduate, but two...