Monday, September 27, 2010

A Clockwork Orange

"...our wisdom, too, is a cheerful and a homely, not a noble and kingly wisdom; and this, observing the numerous misfortunes that attend all conditions, forbids us to grow insolent upon our present enjoyments, or to admire any man's happiness that may yet, in course of time, suffer change. For the uncertain future has yet to come, with every possible variety of fortune..." - Solon

Amazing to believe that this incredibly astute and honest observation was from 2500 years ago.  The majority of the "elite" running the present day Idiocracy never stop long enough to question the hubris of their own inane decisions - bad assumptions built on a pyramid of other bad assumptions.  Similar to conditions that attended during the Dark Ages after the Fall of Rome, science and culture are now entering secular decline, as subjectivity and theology are on the rise.  The only known antidote for anarchy is religion (i.e. mind control), and therefore we will soon receive both (anarchy/theology) in large doses.

We are on the verge of experiencing a monumental transfer of power from the 50+ Baby Boomer generation which has presided over the age of decadence, greed and hedonism that started in the late 1960s.  Consider this last forty year period the Age of Greed.  What we are now entering is the Age of Fear.  What is needed in this new age is a set of tools far different than those found valuable in the prior age.  Power in this age will be held by young men between the ages of 18 and 35 who have copious amounts of testosterone, an underdeveloped conscience, and tremendous cardio capacity, attributes amply exhibited in the UFC generation.  Historically, these have been the Wild Boys who have ruled (violently) during ages of turmoil, for obvious reasons.  The Boomers will quickly yield control albeit unwillingly, having long since grown soft and decadent.   These 50-70 year old over-fed comfort seekers raised during the longest stretch of prosperity in human history will be no match for the new younger breed that ironically the Boomers themselves will have raised.  In short, the Boomers were raised to believe in the triumph of optimism over reality, "vision" over commonsense. Poor qualities to bring to a knife fight.

Combined with the predilection towards messianism and religion described above, there will be new "Taliban" springing up everywhere across the globe.  Be they Muslim, Christian, Sikh or otherwise, they will all exhibit very similar goals and methods.  This process is already well underway not just in the Middle East, but here in the U.S. with the burgeoning militia movement.

The bottom line is that some people are prepared for what comes next, others, not so much...