Sunday, November 4, 2018

The Best Election $1 Trillion Could Buy

Since it's abundantly clear that Banana Republicans can't win an election the honest way, they had to buy an election the Third World way - with bribery. Money they stole from taxpayers to give back to them as a tax cut. Except it all ended up in the Cayman Islands. Funny how that can happen...

The most amazing aspect of this election is that after two years of the Trump gong show, featuring 5,000 lies and America's standing in the world reduced to somewhere between farce and rubble, the Democrats are not set to run away with this impending election. And there is only one reason why that is the case - Trump stole a trillion dollars from the U.S. Treasury and injected it straight into the stock market. In the process bidding up assets, and dragging consumer confidence along for the joy ride.

Which is the entire "economic" story of 2018:

"Election 2018":

Now, with only a few days until the election, the sugar high is wearing off, and yet it's not at all clear which way the election chips are going to fall. There has been just enough denial attendant this global selloff to keep the dream alive at the edge of the cliff. Therefore with this looming Banana Republican attempt to maintain criminality as usual, the question on the table is will it even matter? Because say for example people who bought into this con job find out hours, days or weeks later they were taken for a ride. Filed under "careful what you wish for". 

In other words, does any of this political vitriol even matter at this point. The answer is no. Global risk off sentiment will be the arbiter of this circus. And by that standard, the down payment on Trumptopia has been made:

The balance is due. And it will be measured in carbon sequestration.

The only currency Mother Nature accepts.