Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Cure For Denialism Is Denialism

The Idiocracy is attracted to their false prophet like moths to a flame...

Our lives have been hijacked by liars and bimbos. There's never been a more pathetic age for the United States of denial. Not even close. It's like living in an old age home: disgusting, sad, and pathetic all at the same time. If you were a human Twinkie who treats their own body like a toxic waste dump, would you care about the future or climate change? Of course not:  

Reading Zerohedge reminds me of arguments with my twenty year old sons - my only reaction is "grow the fuck up, and care about someone other than yourself". Climate denialists who happen to be expert in everything, especially Faux News, conspiracy theories, Ponzi schemes, tax fraud, and belief in reality TV game show hosts, seem to believe that us realists enjoy the thought that the world has been desecrated by the same corporations that gave rise to their de facto Idiocracy. Not so much. I don't get paid to believe in reality. It would be far easier to be a denialist and drive my SUV 150 miles each way to soccer practice without a second thought. Which is why denialism exists - because it's easy. And for those whose bodies are plugged with toxic waste, easy is now the only option. For everything. There is no other way out. All other exits are blocked by inconvenient reality.

"Americans are opting for pickups and SUVs over cars at a record rate"

Truck/car ratio:

Which is why our leaders and their fake narratives keep getting dumber and more senile by the day. Because there is nothing they won't believe. In the past year, both Harvey and Maria were "hundred year" hurricanes. Florence which hit North Carolina last month was a thousand year storm in terms of flooding impact. Now Florida is bracing for Michael, which could be the strongest storm in history to hit the panhandle. All in one fucking year.

But, Trump isn't just in denial about climate change, last month he was in denial about fifth grade math when he disputed that 3,000 people died last year in Puerto Rico during Maria. While others believe that number was conservative:

"A study conducted by Harvard estimated the that over 4,600 deaths can be linked Hurricane Maria and its aftermath."    

It was a new sad and pathetic low for the same pathetic denialists who told grieving parents at Sandy Hook that their children dying was just a hoax. In other words, there is nothing these idiots won't believe EXCEPT the truth.

Which is actually, the upside in all of this. 

Because the creator, blessed be she, thought about this problem in advance. She knew an end-game Idiocracy could very well devolve into a cesspool of denialist jackasses without the slightest regard for anyone else, much less the future.

So she put a light at the end of the tunnel, knowing they would head straight for it like moths to a flame. It's called false prophet. Because the only cure for denialism is denialism.

And the outcome will be carbon sequestration on a scale few people can even fathom. When the human Twinkies realize that their binary consumption-oriented call option way of life has expired. 

Out of the money. 

The endgame is as plain as day now. Those who don't see this coming, were not meant to. Call that "consumer choice".