Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Twittering While Rome Implodes

It was only a matter of time before a total dumbfuck became president...

Record heatwaves, record wildfires, record hurricanes, record drought, record mass shootings, record opioid suicides, record graft, corruption, and fiscal plundering - there is only one good thing about denial, it has a way of snuffing itself out. Say for example, because the president is a denialistic dunce. There is nothing more dangerous than arrogant stupidity. And it appears that Donny is off his meds, he's hitting Twitter like an 8 year old with a Pez dispenser. Until this all final implodes we're trapped in Dumbfuck Disneyland...

"The twin wildfires, collectively known as the Mendocino Complex Fire, have together more than doubled in size in the past four days and burned through 290,692 acres, or 454 square miles, of parched land — an area almost the size of Los Angeles."

It has now surpassed the Thomas Fire that burned nearly 282,000 acres of land in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties late last year"

The two largest fires in California history - in back to back years. 

Fortunately, the denialist-in-chief has it all figured out. The cure for wildfires is clear-cutting the trees. Nothing to burn. Fucking genius.

“We’re having no problems as far as access to water supply,” said Scott McClean, deputy chief of the California Department of Forest and Fire Protection. “The problem is changing climate leading to more severe and destructive fires.”

How could you question the dumbfuck-in-chief? You're only the deputy chief of Forest and Fire protection? How many casinos have you bankrutped?

Trump is what happens when the presidency is overtaken by an out-of-control corporate con man. Everything he does is by and for one corrupt industry or the other. 

And yet he is completely unaware of the collateral damage from his policies:

Lumber tariffs:

Steel tariffs:

"Who next can I help?"