Wednesday, July 4, 2018


This is the week that global trade war is cemented. And with it, the fate of global gamblers. In determining how best to remove all sources of casino liquidity at the exact same time, in order to create the biggest global mega crash of all time, proceed as follows...

But first, this will decisively prove the axiom that fooling a room full of hairless monkeys can be difficult - although for Trump it's effortless - whereas convincing 7+ billion of the truth, is entirely impossible. We're up against a post-truth society...

"Donald Trump’s assault on trade with China is moving from tweeted threats and abortive talks to the real-world.

[China] Purchasing manager index readings for June released on Saturday showed a gauge of export orders tumbling into contraction, the clearest sign yet that the oncoming trade war is having a real, negative impact on growth. From this Friday, the world’s two largest economies are set to begin charging higher tariffs on each other’s goods, marking a major escalation of the conflict"

Any questions?

“To put it simply, the U.S. is opening fire on the entire world, including itself.”

Chinese Yuan:


The war is spreading to other sectors...

"The decision by a Chinese court to temporarily ban some sales by Micron Technology Inc. adds to a series of setbacks for the world’s chipmaking giants in their most important market."


"Companies set a record for share buybacks in the second quarter, while investors set their own record for selling stock-based funds in June."

"There are four blackout months a year - January, April, July, and October"

U.S. Large cap breadth

Japan Nikkei

Rest of the world versus U.S.

"With 120 companies using initial public offerings (IPOs) to raise more than $35 billion on U.S. exchanges, companies are raising capital through the markets at an uncommonly fast pace compared to the past 20 years"


Largest FOMC liquidity removal on record

October - December 2017: $10 billion/month
January-March 2018: $20b/month
April-June 2018: $30b/month
July-Sept 2018: $40b/month