Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Inconvenient Contagion Has Arrived

For some reason, today's financial con men are ignoring the fundamentals of gambling. Rule #1: Never put all of your eggs in three Tech stocks at the end of the cycle, during a trade war, while the Fed is double tightening, and the world is imploding in real-time...

No sound required:

Overnight, Trump imposed more tariffs on China which is now imploding, so we're winning. The latest overnight gap was bought with both hands in the U.S., because everyone knows that Netflix is a safe haven from global trade wars:

"Amazon, Netflix and Microsoft together this year are responsible for 71 percent of S&P 500 returns. The three stocks make up 35 percent, 21 percent and 15 percent of S&P 500 returns, respectively."

Due to censorship, the above Tech stocks have no presence in China:

"With U.S. investors laser-focused on the White House's tit-for-tat trade dispute with Beijing, CNBC's Jim Cramer wanted to hone in on four stocks in the market that are most resilient to trade tensions."


Inconvenient contagion has arrived:

"Trade concerns have bitten today...If these tariffs are introduced there will be an impact on global growth and demand."

China is a top buyer of U.S. crude, and has said it could tax U.S. oil if trade tensions escalate."