Monday, July 16, 2018

The Biggest Bubble In The History Of Mankind. Is Imploding...

Trump took a "big, fat, ugly bubble", and made it far bigger, fatter, and uglier...

"I do bubbles better than anyone, you'll see"

Entering the Q2 peak earnings buyback blackout period, a confluence of factors are now coalescing to create a no bid market. That way, gamblers can learn how much profit they made from the tax cut, while losing it all in the casino...

In a fitting measure of how stoned gamblers are right now, I noticed that pot stocks tend to lead the rest of the market:

Coming at the same time that Amazon Prime Day tempted gamblers to load up on internet Tech, the best (%) performing large cap Tech stock this year, just imploded after hours:

A few weeks ago, observing the slide in China Tech stocks, I said that the machines can't handle what comes next. Of course, right on cue, China Tech began a three wave retracement. Which is now complete:

I also noticed that Semiconductors are tracing out an identical pattern from the April earnings period, except this time much closer to the 200 day:

The riskiest part of Tech is also rolling over:

To summarize Tech:

Transports at the 200 day:


Small cap

Large cap