Sunday, June 17, 2018

This Is For The Kill

"Thou shalt have no cult leaders before me"

Global trade wars, accelerating rate hikes, accelerating balance sheet rolloff, global slowdown, EM implosion, all paved over with rampant fake-believe. The good news is that the party of hate, war, greed, and lying, lie to themselves more than anyone else. They have no clue they're drinking cyanide-laced Kool-Aid mixed by their own cult leader.

The cult of Donny:

Fake optimism is rampant - among businesses, consumers, and casino gamblers. But especially among RepubliCons, the party that has taken lying to level '11', under the standard assumption that someone else will be paying the bills. The right wing media has duly propagated these lies to ensure that the sheeple stay in line and they don't see it coming...

Trump is the final proof that the human race will believe anything and anyone. Except the inconvenient truth...

The externally-directed society trusts its alpha male leaders, over facts and reality. They've been socialized for life to follow the leader and trust emotion over logic, even in the face of the most asinine lies imaginable, told by the least credible human being ever. The individual sheeple would rather swallow blatant lies whole, than to break ranks from the perceived "safety" of the stampeding flock. To do so, would require them rethinking the last many years even decades of their lives, to realize they've been gulls all along. When the consumption Borg was in its infancy decades ago, the alpha males were cogent, unfortunately now they're senile. They contradict themselves constantly because they have no clue what they were saying yesterday, much less two years ago:

Trump was not happy with the rate at which dovish Yellen was imploding the bubble, so he replaced her with super hawk Jerome Powell, to accelerate monetary tightening. Because men are better than women at everything, especially implosion. 

"Treasury yield curves flattened to the lowest levels since 2007 after the Fed’s decision"

an inverted yield curve has been a great tool to predict U.S. recessions

this Fed, under Powell, is much different from its predecessors. It’s not going to go easy on monetary policy. It’s not going to be ultra-cautious. "

In his brief moment of lucidity two years ago, here is where Donny got it right when he said that interest rates would implode the bubble: the collision between late cycle monetary policy and a late cycle tax cut are a disaster for the entire world. Why? Because contrary to popular delusion, the U.S. is not an island unto itself. During eight years at 0%, the U.S. was exporting capital to the rest of the world. Therefore, the Fed is not just tightening the U.S., the Fed is tightening the entire world, as indicated by the stronger dollar:

The strengthening dollar is exporting deflation globally:

The U.S. "TINA" trade is on in historically massive size. "There is no alternative" to the U.S.:

Unfortunately, the highest quality blue chips are getting monkey hammered by global trade wars, while gamblers seek the safe haven of Go Daddy:

"I bought for the tax cut, but I stayed for the trade war"

When risk crashed in February, nothing was learned.

This will be a far better lesson:

Speaking of Obama's golf game, the curmudgeon-in-chief is the first president in history who golfs more often than retired presidents. And PGA professionals. 

But as usual, a big lie fixes everything:

"the reluctance to even acknowledge that this President plays golf conflicts with his almost relentless criticism of his predecessor, Barack Obama, who played an estimated 333 rounds of golf as President."

Trump is golfing at twice the rate as Obama did during his eight years; which makes Trump the 666 President.