Saturday, June 9, 2018

Humility Or Humiliation. A Biblical Lesson.

The Creator gives us one choice: choose to be humble, or choose to be humbled...

The world has been subjugated by a Roman Circus. What remains of America's greatness, is great arrogance:

The ossified Japanification of the U.S. which we were told for decades "can't happen here" is the order of the day. We see this multiple ways, be it in the man himself, his obsequious court jesters, or via his zealous base of evangelical alt-Christians. There is no level to which they won't stoop to "regain" the glory of the lost past. And therein lies the irony - In attempting to restore the greatness of the past, they've sullied the very thing they were attempting to restore. Leaving behind a Roman-style narrative of a global empire that once past its apogee descended into sheer delusional rot. 

Rudy Giuliani was in Israel this week where he shredded the last vestiges of his dignity Trumptopian style. Why? Because long ago he made the Faustian choice of humiliation over humility which is the choice that all of Trumptopia is making: historical mass debasement. Trump hasn't merely "ruined his brand", he's destroyed his family name forever. As Reagan learned, and apparently no one else his age - there are no do-overs for those who achieve senility while still in office. There's just bedtime for Bonzo.  

As again predicted by The Lonely Crowd decades ago, what predominates in an aging consumption-oriented society well beyond "incipient decline", is a predominant class of over-confident sociopaths wholly void of morality and self-awareness. Floating unmoored in a sea of populism, wherein the only concept of "right" or "wrong" is the volume of cheers emanating from the debased Twitter mob at large. 

But you can't tell them that, because that they're too busy swapping their last vestiges of dignity for certain humiliation in order to achieve historical glory. All, the inevitable result of taking self-interest to the maximum extent possible, and then a lot further. For the record books. 

Which will not be written by the senile.