Monday, June 11, 2018

Global Markets Are Saying "Fuck Trump"

It's not just De Niro, global markets have lost all confidence in Bozo the Clown...

Aside from Go Daddy gamblers and hedge funds getting squeezed, global stocks, oil, crypto, real estate, industrials, banks, yield stocks, Emerging Markets, and even the sectors Trump says he's making great again, are all saying the same thing...

Worldwide v. Trump smack down is already in progress...

Begin with Walmart which is telling us that the tax cut for the ultra-wealthy, is only benefiting the ultra-wealthy...

Blue chip stock Johnson & Johnson, arguably the highest quality U.S. stock in terms of long-term earnings record...

Rest of world with Oil:

Make Defense great again

Make Energy great again

Make inequality great again

Make coal great again

Make Ponzi schemes great again

Make systemic risk great again

Make 1997 great again

Make Y2K great again

Make housing implosion great again

Make final implosion great again