Friday, May 11, 2018

Third Wave Down

This topping process is deja vu of 2007 - first the S&P 500, then the Nasdaq 100...

It appears that basically nobody believes that the tax cut is having a crowding out effect. Which will only make the shock that much greater. Had they cut taxes early in the cycle when rates were at 0% it would have "worked", now it's only effect is to drive borrowing costs higher and liquidity lower. 

Here is a typical fucktard of the ilk that is ubiquitous today:

"Even relatively large budget deficits are dwarfed by huge levels of global saving"

It's time to bury dumbfuckistan. Deep.

Getting back to the casino, the S&P 500 is sporting nested first and second waves, having topped in late January:

The Nasdaq 100 peaked mid-March

The crack up boom was all about rotation to Energy stocks:

However, looking at the reach for risk, we saw the same thing late last cycle:

Global stocks are relatively weak

And we can see that this rally in commodities is a farce. We are now Japan - a society of idiots who will believe anything except the truth

The true economic strength in this cycle peaked in 2014 with oil. This was an echo rally fabricated by global Central Banks.

Remember to pretend to be shocked when this all implodes spectacularly