Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Moment Of Inconvenient Truth

Forty years of Supply Side orthodoxy and non-stop lying, now hangs on Twitter...

"When all else fails, Americans will do the right thing"
- Winston Churchill

The moment that I've been waiting for since I started this blog over ten years ago has now come to pass. The Republican party is forced, by their own president, to look themselves in the mirror and say "who are we?" and "what have we done?"...

The schism could not be more stark right now as Bannon came out swinging today, saying basically fuck Wall Street, they're the ones who screwed the middle class for decades.

Meanwhile, Larry Kudlow was also out today trying to reassure Wall Street that this is all just negotiating tactics and posturing. Kudlow's Supply Side love ramped the Dow from a -500 point loss to a 230 point gain. 

Which brings up the question, who is right? Obviously Bannon is right in terms of the fact that there is nothing to show for free trade other than a pile of debt and a hollowed out middle class. 2008 and the subsequent 0% lost decade of fentanyl overdoses and mass shootings, proved that free trade has failed. 

But who is right as far as what Trump believes? Does Trump believe that *free* trade has been free?

Let's ask him:

What this all boils down to in the end, and what Supply Siders should have been asking themselves this entire time, is who trusts Larry Kudlow?