Monday, April 2, 2018

Fashionable Ignorance aka. "BTFD"

We're running a contest to see who can be the most ignorant and arrogant. Winner gets to be president. The runners-up lose everything...

Any questions?

Overnight futures were down again compliments of retaliatory tariffs from China. Meanwhile, the wrecking-ball-in-chief took another round out of the world's most overowned stock this morning. Just in case anyone was tempted not to sell. 

And lest we forget that the biggest stock inflow in history occurred in March during the week that Trump floated the full megatard idea of a second tax cut. After all, nothing gets RepubliCons lubed up more than tax cuts paid for with borrowed money. How else to blame government profligacy for bankrupting the country? It's a two-for-one con job.

Compliments of all of this chicanery, as I write, the casino is right back at the 200 day Maginot Line. Which means it's time for another quick bounce OR stained underwear. Whichever comes first...

Meanwhile, the last bubble prize goes to crude oil:

You know, same as last time:

Typical question and advice from idiots to bigger idiots:

How will trade wars, record valuations, and record over-allocation to Tech affect my casino investments?

“It’s hard to say what stocks may do in a trade war,” says Jeffrey Kleintop, chief global investment strategist and senior vice president for Charles Schwab"

“The last trade war among major countries was 90 years ago"