Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Record Boom In Dumbness

Archaeologists are going to need to dig deep to find what's left of this Roman Circus when it final implodes...

I, Clownius has turned being a fucking moron into a popularity contest. Idiots far and wide are extrapolating the impossible into the indefinite future. But don't take my word for it...

"Any U.S. trade protections will be done "in a loving, loving way," Trump said. And the end result will be that countries "like us better, and they will respect us much more."

Now we know where Trump's tax cut paid for with a 5% record (post-war) deficit is going:

"J.P. Morgan notes that buybacks will be a support for stocks and recommends that investors continue to buy the dips."

The $800 billion figure is an extrapolation based upon record stock buybacks year-to-date.

I would note that $212 billion in year-to-date buybacks did nothing to prevent the largest decline in two years. But why is that? One theory, predicated on the fact that stock buybacks prior peaked in the third quarter 2007, is that companies just are not that good at timing the market:

As it was at the end of the last cycle, growth companies are massively outperforming buyback companies. Why? Because only growth boosts share price on a long-term basis. Buybacks are smoke and mirrors to hide economic stagnation.