Saturday, March 10, 2018

Occupy Terminal Idiocracy

The Dow rises to the drumbeat of continuous decay, cheered on by demented geriatrics. America's failed economic ideologies are morally, intellectually, and financially bankrupt.

The only reason today's geriatrics are not worried about an exit strategy from this clusterfuck, is because they've assumed they wouldn't be around to need one. Fortunately, this can all work out fine in the end, as long as the failed ideologies get buried with the dumbfucks who espouse them: Everyone gets what they want, albeit not necessarily when they want.

Everywhere I look, zombies are eagerly self-destructing. Globalization is nothing if not an efficient human meat grinder. Since 2008, every piece of bad news has been good news - because it meant more Central Bank dopium. At this latent stage gamblers have been thoroughly conditioned to believe that bad news is always good. In other words, Wall Street has completed its takeover of the United States. 

"For once, Wall Street didn't begrudge Main Street some good news about the economy and jobs"

"Well, as long as they're low paying McJobs, we can accept a few jobs not getting outsourced or automated"

This fiasco only came about, because the aging Idiocracy had a strong preference for stock market gains at the expense of the economy and jobs. The systematic strip mining of company pensions to make the quarter, and then the subsequent strip mining of Social Security to pay for serial tax cuts, has led this society to conflate economic progress, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Despite the fact that they are a zero sum game. 

Therein lies their seeds of self-destruction. The Dow only goes up when there's bad economic news. Ten years on from 2008, with the casino near all time highs, it stands to reason that the casino has been having it's way with the economy and jobs this entire time. 

And yet they will all be surprised when this all ends badly. And no one sees it coming. It can't possibly be because of Trump's level '11' tax cut driving Fed rate hikes. The 5% U.S. deficit imploding the bond market. Nor the too-little-too-late tariffs monkey hammering the Dow.

Because it's all just free money and free trade magic, coupled with willful mass ignorance on a scale never before witnessed. 

"No one was allowed to know when the bad news was really bad news"