Monday, March 19, 2018

Entitled Dumbfucks

We are approaching the expiration date for studied ignorance. Picture a scenario wherein tech implodes, the fake reflation trade implodes, and the recession trade is already RISK OFF. Because that's what is happening...

"What changed? We knew he was batshit crazy, that's why we elected him"

The definition of insanity is believing the same proven idiots over and over again, each time expecting a different result. The decline of the United States started when college turned into a partying experience rather than a learning experience. Fast forward a few decades, and we now live in a circus run by degenerate frat boys. Entitled, ignorant, arrogant, under-educated, facile buffoons...

Salesmen, schooled in sports and entertainment. Assiduously avoiding any other subject while pretending to know everything. Inveterate con men and sociopathic liars. Self-destructing alchoholics and testosterone depleted sexual predators. Oblivious buffoons recycling the same failed ideas over and over again, spending all of their time conning sheeple, this time it's different. 

Today's alt-white geezers and curmudgeons are beside themselves that women are now taking over their hard won circus. It's abundantly clear that aside from insecure emails servers, Hillary's real crime was being a woman. Doesn't she know her place is in the kitchen? What other crime did she commit? Invasions of foreign nations under false pretense? Destroying the Middle East, and setting off human history's largest mass migration? No, that wasn't her mission accomplishment. That fell to a frat boy well qualified in failure. 

Speaking of serial insanity, this week is Fed week and the FOMC is widely expected to hike interest rates again, at the behest of fake reflation. 

Which brings up my proprietary Central Bank "dot plot". In this March cycle, the ECB and BOJ have already met, so the Fed is last at bat.

Last year, fake reflation imploded right after the March 15th FOMC meeting. This time humpty dumpty won't be making a comeback. 

Don't ask me how I know...

Herein lies the problem, the last time Tech imploded (August 2015), the recession trade (Consumer Staples/Utilities) supported the casino. That won't happen this time.

Because contrary to ubiquitous belief, the cycle is cyclical.