Saturday, February 10, 2018


The Trumptopian era represents the abdication of moral, environmental, and economic responsibility at level '11'. All self-destructing, as we've witnessed for the past two weeks. Now, the boy-men on Zerohedge are crying at the reversal of fortune that has befallen them, begging for another Central Bank bailout. Unfortunately, that is inherently impossible when GLOBAL inflation expectations and bond yields are blowing out to multi-year wides, due to the tax cut and Ponzi asset reflation...

But never take my word for it...

"The IMF chief echoed the sentiment of many other bank bosses and investors toward the week's developments, who noted that fundamentals like global GDP growth rates and company earnings were still strong, so this would not fundamentally affect the real economy or countries' abilities to continue growing"

'Heart of Gold' put me in the middle of the road. Traveling there soon became a bore so I headed for the ditch." - Neil Young

The above quote best captures the American zeitgeist at this juncture: To settle for less than "it all", is to compromise. Because to settle for less than it ALL is to be "socialist". We've devolved into a society of low-functioning crack addicts, fantasizing about their long-ago day in the sun...

Tax cut or stock market. The choice has been made...

"I cannot tell you how rare a market condition this is – that yields are rising into this risk pullback," he wrote in a note to clients Friday.

This rare occurrence of bond yields rising even as stock markets decline was a feature in 1987 and 1994"

It's called voodoo economics for a reason: because you have to be a total fucking zombie to believe in it...RepubliCons believe that trade is *free* and money is *free*, they'll be shocked to learn they're wrong on both counts. To be true, they were monkey hammered pretty good this week, but as we know, it takes a lot to get a zombie's attention. So the beatings will continue until morality improves. Contrary to popular belief, Friday's mega budget did nothing to allay the bond market...

"Don't worry, this is just a feature"

This week, the bond market REPUDIATED Trumpfuckistan outright. Now, boy-men all over Zerohedge are crying for more Fed dopium to bail them out of their over-leveraged trades. Unfortunately, that is SHEER fucking fantasy, because the Trumptard tax cut and this week's mega-budget have now boxed the Fed further into a tightening regime. As always, don't take my word for it:

NYT: RepubliCons Only Hate Spending When Democrats Are In Office

Donny wants to borrow 4% of GDP, so he can claim he has a 4% growth rate:

Here is where it gets interesting for gamblers waiting for a Fed bailout on their Netflix trades:

"Far from welcoming the additional boost to economic growth this year, the large declines in the equity market this week suggests that investors are more focused on the prospect of significantly higher inflation as a result"

This is where it gets even more interesting: Due to the fact that zombies on Wall Street and Main Street sleep walked into the buzz saw, blindfolded; and, because they now assume that central banks will bail them out - they are totally unprotected.

ZH: Too Late To Sell, Too Early To Buy

Here is the other market that has repudiated Trump.

Overnight dopium: