Monday, January 8, 2018

Third Wave Down Social Mood

The Crypto currency mania is ending, as BitCasino heads for the panic zone...

Zerohedge is breaking the "news" that Cryptos are crashing as South Korean authorities crack down on cryptocurrencies. There's only one problem, this isn't news at all...

This headline is from December 28th, 12 days ago:

In other words, while Zerohedge was getting Gartman'd on a :15 minute basis by the oscillations in Crypto-land, Social mood was playing out its hand:

Which gets me to my next point. The renewed decline in crypto-land has yet to exact its toll on the tech sector. Why, because semis are still wrapping up their correction.

One thing bears have learned the hard way in the past 8 years is that Skynet doesn't have social mood:

Be that as it may, one can see where a rollover in Semiconductors can/will be problematic for Tech:

And eventually Skynet's best efforts to crush volatility are superseded by "selling"...

"Every three years, the fake reflation trade comes back to life"

Also portending poorly for Tech:

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