Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Last Shall Be First

It's time to put down the crack pipe, the party is over. It turns out that pharmaceuticals were the real "gateway" drugs all along. Corporate-assisted suicide...

Globalization has debased everything - the economy, social programs, the environment, but mostly the people. Corporations have offered many ways to self-destruct under Globalization, and they were all taken. Nevertheless, the de facto life style of junk food and immobility married with ludicrously over-priced healthcare and pharmaceutical-assisted life support, is an insolvent dead-end, literally. Those who've imbibed ought put down the crack pipe post haste. Dopamine addiction isn't working now and it will be cold turkey going forward...

This is the lead in quote to the new ultra-violent Western movie "The Hostiles". It seems very timely for this critical moment in history, as it appears that parts of the American "soul" have not yet left the 1800s:

“The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer. It has never yet melted.” - D.H. Lawrence

"America has had 11 school shootings in the last 23 days, which is more than anywhere else in the world, even Afghanistan or Iraq"

Why are American kids killing each other?

In America, there is the catastrophic collapse of social bonds. Extreme capitalism has blown apart American society so totally that people cannot even care for one another as much as they do in places like Pakistan and Nigeria

 Americans appear to be quite happy simply watching one another die...They just don’t appear to be too disturbed, moved, or even affected by the four pathologies above: their kids killing each other, their social bonds collapsing, staying powerless to live with dignity,or having to numb the pain of it all away.

The world’s task is this. Should the world follow the American model — extreme capitalism, no public investment, cruelty as a way of life, the perversion of everyday virtue — then these new social pathologies will follow, too. They are new diseases of the body social that have emerged from the diet of junk food — junk media, junk science, junk art, junk economics — that America has fed upon for too long"

I would suggest that the world largely DID attempt to follow the American model. And therefore the only way back is to put social bonds and people ahead of capital. 

But some people need to realize that the party is over first, because it appears there is some amount of denial on that subject.

But really, what else?