Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Dumbest Society In Human History

By far, the biggest mistake I made over the past nine years was continually underestimating how dumb these fuckers are...

Their presiding beliefs at this lethal juncture are that they successfully borrowed their way out of a debt crisis, and printing money is the secret to effortless wealth:

"According to a recent Reuters report, global debt levels are now at a record high of $233 trillion, up from $142 trillion in 2007 and $87 trillion in 2000""

First off:
We can  now count most of the "pros" as dumb money:

"Bulls last reached this level a year before the infamous Black Monday crash that sent the Dow Jones industrials down nearly 22 percent in a single day"

Secondly, congratulations to Zerohedge for finally figuring out that BitCasino is a Ponzi scheme. It only took a mere -60% loss...

"The question on everyone's mind, did the bubble just burst or do you BTFD?"

To date, a cool ~$300 billion in Ponzi capital destroyed:

Getting back to fake reflation, a handful of gamblers are starting to consider that this just may be the fourth Central Bank engineered headfake since 2008...

"We believe 2018 will prove to be a very important year for investors, not only because of the unprecedented level of euphoria surrounding the U.S. equity market, but more so due to the ongoing global reflation trade that both speculators and investors are piling into."

We really hope global demand growth expectations materialize, otherwise we will once again be out of balance at a time when speculative long positions are at all-time highs. The last time this happened the unwinding of the large long position in 2014 sent oil prices crashing from $107 per barrel to a low of $26 per barrel."

"We really hope that the reason this is happening all over again isn't because this is happening all over again"

Meanwhile, many are expecting commodity demand and economic growth to continue to reflate against a backdrop where central banks are about to either end their easing and/or begin tightening."


We hope they’re right because the cost of being wrong could prove to be catastrophic"