Friday, November 17, 2017

"Buy The Fucking Gong Show"

The Fed is tightening at both ends, Wall Street is dumping junk IPOs into a weak tape, the smart money is out, the rest of the world is selling, the carry trade is RISK OFF. Financial advisors are fat and happy, glad they're not selling used cars anymore.

Bernie Madoff is wondering why he's the one in jail...

Three more Hindenburg Omens on the NYSE this week...

The largest number since the 2007 top:

Fortunately, being an investment advisor has never been easier - Because someone with a brain is always on the other side of the trade...

Under Obama, the world had no clue what was going on inside the U.S.A. Clearly that all changed a year ago. Even the Russians are wishing they had stayed away from the election. It's been 12+ months of unprecedented acrimony, vitriol, groping and mass shootings - sound and fury signifying clusterfuck...

Way back in 2001, Bush signed his tax cut into law by June of his inaugural year. Fast forward and today's Republicans can't find their ass with both hands. Their tax cut calendar reads like a concert t-shirt:

April, August, November, 2018?

This week the rest of the world lost confidence in this circle jerk.

The dollar got shellacked, which is why the S&P futures closed at the very lows of the day - global sponsorship of fake U.S. reflation just ended:

Granted, not everyone got the memo:

The rest of the world has been trying to warn the U.S. to take RISK OFF for the better part of two weeks now:

Europe has rolled over hard:

Also not getting the memo - oil gamblers

New record oil speculative longs:

And of course, casino gamblers:

The chart of the week: 

"Among sectors, Telecom would be the biggest winner from the imaginary tax cut"

Or not

Black Friday coming up...