Friday, October 20, 2017

The Idiocracy Is Wandering In The Desert

The old age home has had a good run, but they're out of dumbfuck ideas...and getting dumber with each passing day. Nature is compassionate in this way. They never see it coming...

"We've had a series of weak, soft readings on inflation, core inflation, beginning in March and the reasons for that are not immediately clear," Yellen said. Reasons for low inflation were "pretty understandable until this year. This year has been a surprise."

Don't try this at the end of the cycle

Of course the chart of the week has to be this one

The denialistic fantasies of demented 70 year olds and Xbox man-boys who just discovered Etrade. At the end of the cycle...

Today's blow-off top did nothing for TechPlosion

As I hypothesized, the round-number-seeking momentum algos running the Dow are now running Bitcoin

"The process of removing accommodation is working well," Yellen said Friday.