Monday, October 16, 2017

When Genius Failed. To Exist

The Fed knows that Trump is a big, fat, ugly bubble of nothing, but they're going to monkey hammer his dumbfuck acolytes anyways aka. the "value-less" voters. It's a solid plan, after all who could warn them, they don't trust anyone who can be trusted...

Remember back in 1998 the LTCM domino collapse caused by the Asian Financial Crisis? Despite the prevailing end-of-cycle tightening mode, Greenspan quickly lowered interest rates one full percentage point which set-off the parabolic Nasdaq rally into Y2K. Needless to say it was a disaster to gun risk assets after a decade-long rally...

Now fast forward, and Global Central banks used Brexit as the rationale for the exact same thing. Of course, the Fed itself was in tightening mode during the past year, so the heavy lifting was left to Japan, China, and Europe:

Ah, good times

Had they not intervened of course, it could have been a different outcome:

Meanwhile, Yellen is now very concerned about excessive speculation sponsored by her Central Bank counterparts:

And she fully admits that Trumptopia is a Jedi Mind Trick for weak-minded fools:

"Prospects for U.S. fiscal stimulus [tax cut] have buoyed sentiment but have not yet impacted spending and investment"

In other words, Trump's tax cut is a figment of the imagination, whereas rising interest rates and balance sheet rolloff are the real deal. And these excessive valuations have to be brought under control. 


"A sharp drop in asset prices would not necessarily be troubling to the economic outlook, said Dallas Fed President Rob Kaplan on Thursday"

This bullishit needs to be brought under control

"Prospects for U.S. fiscal stimulus [tax cut] have buoyed sentiment but have not yet impacted spending and investment"

ZH: iPhoney 8 Is A Bust

Moonlaunch Apple prior to crash. Check.

Bitcasino needs to get busy living or get busy dying. Doji on the daily - which way do we go?

A break below 5,000 makes this a fakeout breakout...

Days with at least a 1% move up or down (365 day moving average):

The doors to the casino are already bolted shut:

"When they raise interest rates [while I'm bullshitting every day as usual] believe me, you're going to see some very bad things happen"