Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Freedom Incorporated

The only thing worse than not standing for the national anthem is being told you have to stand for the national anthem. Unfortunately, Trump is Terminal Idiocracy. He's the only proof anyone needs, to know this is all ending...

No matter how asinine this circus becomes there's always someone willing to crawl out from under their rock to defend taking the very ideas that got us here to the next level of fraud. Therein lies the problem for Trump's acolytes. He is Terminal Idiocracy. He's a test for who would recoil in disgust at what America has devolved into, versus who would embrace all aspects of this fraud and spectacle. 

I read with amusement Pat Buchanan's missive on Trump's bold stand in the culture war. This past weekend, Trump dispatched VP Pence to attend a football game knowing full well that at least one of the SF 49ers would take a knee, thereby giving Pence reason to walk defiantly out of the stadium. It was Roman spectacle at its best. A bonfire of tax dollars for a Fox News soundbite. Because we all know that five time draft dodgers who stand for the anthem are the real patriots. The U.S. will soon pass a law making it illegal not to stand while singing the anthem at a minimum of 50 decibels. All to prove once and for all that the country is still land of the free. 

Unfortunately for Pat Buchanan, Trump can't be his saviour in the proxy culture war, which by the way is merely a diversion to cover up the fact that multinationals are strip mining the country. Why? Because Trump doesn't represent culture, he represents abject lack of culture. In the words of right wing apologist, Ann Coulter, who wrote the book "In Trump We Trust", he's "grotesque". Faint praise indeed. Ignorance and arrogance are not culture. Nor is sociopathic lying, misogyny, thinly veiled racism, false bravado, self-aggrandizement, war-mongering, nor strip mining healthcare to pay for tax cuts. 

Breaking ranks from his own fetid party, Roman Senator Corker, said this yesterday:

"Senator Bob Corker said Mr Trump was treating the presidency like "a reality show". 
The retiring Tennessee lawmaker also said White House staff struggle to "contain" Mr Trump."

Now even the Russians are worried they elected the wrong president.

Meanwhile, and most importantly, this is all just a test for Trump's loyal evangelical base. 

To prove once and for all definitively that they're Christian in name only, while being the exact opposite of Christian in every other way shape and form. 

Suffice to say, history will not be kind to the sanctimonious hypocrites embracing Terminal Idiocracy and Freedom Incorporated to the last clown.