Thursday, October 26, 2017

Corporate Capitalism Is Ending So Badly

I'm channeling my inner Trump, how am I doing?

Corporate capitalism has rendered the planet an environmental wasteland, while decimating the real economy. Humanity has been conveniently debased into a servile Idiocracy of rapacious consumption zombies. Aside from that everything's great.

The opioid crisis visualized. Any questions?

President Camacho who just spent the last nine months campaigning to repeal healthcare for the middle class and replace it with a tax cut for billunaires, was out today regurgitating someone else's empty platitudes via teleprompter on the opioid crisis. Unfortunately, he can't fix this problem or any other one for that matter with a few hollow bragging points spewed forth on Twitter. Trump is a human Twinkie - the embodiment of the consumption-oriented lifestyle: fake, phony, corporatized, and void of sustenance. 

Just as the consumption oriented lifestyle is handmaiden to the failed ponzi scheme known as 'Globalization', likewise the consumption oriented lifestyle is also the root cause of the opioid crisis. Massive doses of drugs are needed later in life to paper over the pain and damage wrought by a life spent worshipping at the false altar of "consumer choice". 

And contrary to popular belief, subsidized healthcare for roughly ten percent of working Americans is not in any way what is breaking the bank. The real unsustainable healthcare program is Medicare for the elderly, wherein an ever-growing populace of aging elephants seeks to roll onto an unlimited buffet of medical treatments and pharma drugs. Each pharma drug regimen costs on average $50k which is the same amount as the average American family makes annually. This blank check narco-system is insolvent as far as the eye can see, as there simply are not enough resources in the future to underwrite the unfettered consumption lifestyle. In other words, "rationing" of healthcare is inevitable and when it arrives there will be new concept called "waiting lines" for expensive procedures which will thin the herd accordingly. As others have astutely mentioned, prevention based upon healthy choices is the only cure. However, prevention is a solution that requires personal accountability and responsibility, something this society doesn't believe in. In the meantime, fentanyl which is the street version of what painkiller addicts can't always obtain legally will continue to take its toll.

And deep down you have to know that governments are frozen into inaction because they see overdose as much a cost-effective solution as a problem. So, similar to every other problem in this society, don't expect any real solutions soon.

The insurers are doing very well lately. The rest of healthcare is imploding:

Back to the topic of the casino, the fake reflation trade caught another bid today compliments of Super Mario. Meanwhile, after hours, Amazon beat Wall Street expectations of $.03/per $1,000 share by posting $.50 per $1,000 share, so the stock of course went vertical after hours. The fact that this still implies a 500 P/E ratio is beside the point. After all, Amazon has been paid for 25 years straight to destroy the U.S. economy, one industry at a time. Zero profit margins and slavery being the *new* American business models.

Momentum continues to get monkey hammered:

U.S.-listed Chinese internet just took out the 50 day for the first time in 2017...

Revenueless Biotech is imploding

Defense stocks are getting tired of waiting for WWIII

Home builders are rolling over on news that September saw the largest spike in new home sales since the housing market rolled over last cycle. 

After all, who knows more about the housing market than homebuilders?

The world's largest market cap stock is camped at the uptrend line:

Amazon will make every attempt to keep the casino bid tomorrow, but suffice to say, that stock has its work cut out for it...

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