Monday, September 18, 2017

Conflict Of Idiocracy

In the movie Idiocracy, every aspect of society is controlled by corporations and people have been systematically dumbed down to the level of a brick. They are led by a semi-literate carnival barker for a president...

Nine years ago this week was the Lehman bankruptcy (September 15th, 2008). In the meantime, what have we learned about conflict of interest?


There are several beneficiaries from stock market ponzi bubbles, conned sheeple who are the bagholders of last resort are not among them: Corporate executives continuously sell their dilutive holdings to the public. Wall Street brokers rake in commissions. Investment bankers hawk junk IPOs. Advisors receive fees for keeping their clients fully invested. Hedge fund managers accrue year-end bonus. Central Banks justify their existence. Unfortunately, not one of them has incentive to predict this charade's ending ahead of time, because that would unduly impact quarterly profit. 

So they don't. 

Not the brokers

Not the wealth advisors

Not the banks

Not the wealth managers

Not the oil and gas producers

Not the retailers

Not the restaurants

Not the transportation companies

Not the staffing companies

Not Big Cap Tech

Not the industrial companies

Not the consumer staples companies

Not the auto companies

Not the media companies

Not the Central Banks