Friday, July 28, 2017

Trumptopium-239 Is Not Stable

"Trumptopium-239 and 241 are fissile, meaning that they can sustain a nuclear chain reaction"

To be fair to Donny, he's merely a sign of the times. The last ditch attempt by a flailing empire to salvage what's left of Pax Americana. He and the copious man-boys he summoned from the primordial abyss are just along for one more Social Mood joyride...

The story of the week for those not reading National Enquirer and Breitbart was this one:

Which immediately elicited far more alarming editorials such as this one:

Plunging Sperm Counts Are Much Ado About Nothing

Speak for yourself honey. We went from Sean Connery to Justin Bieber, if you're not alarmed it's only because you're a woman. Contrary to popular belief, dildos and Viagra are not going to fix all this.

Not by coincidence, the last-hope-in-chief tweeted some nuclear escalating Twitter-policy about transgender "people" no longer being welcome in the military.

Us males are caught in a seine purse that's getting tighter and tighter even as the cogency of our narratives becomes ever-more mentally challenged. The male species now has 1950s leadership appended with a fucking Xbox. 

It's not clear if we should pick a side or man up and jump off a fucking bridge. 

In the meantime, while that's all not getting sorted out, getting into Trumptopia will be easier than getting out. For those who enjoy watching the same movies over and over again, this will be great. I caught my parents watching the same movie twice, I said "you've seen this". They yelled back "don't tell us the ending". That's how I got into blogging.

The last time the Fed admitted they can't find their ass with both hands was late 2015, early 2016:

The only difference between now and then, is that now everyone has their head up their own ass...

The more Trump's approval rating plummets, the more comfortable gamblers are with owning risk: