Friday, July 14, 2017

Who Can Be Conned By The Potemkin President?

"When reality was no longer an option, they elected a reality-TV president to blow smoke up their asses non-stop..."

For eight years straight I have railed away at the decimation of the real economy, replaced by money printing. Now of course money printing has been replaced by empty bullshit, which is the only thing keeping the casino levitated. Just this week, the Dow made a new record high on news that the Fed finally admits the economy is imploding...

"...Passing a budget, raising the debt limit, and funding its operations — all loom as points of intraparty tension"

Trump is proving to be a notably disengaged manager of his own program"

"I did the heavy lifting on Twitter"

This morning:

"the data revealed that hopes for a prolonged period of 3% growth in gross domestic product after president Donald Trump's victory had already largely vanished."

Also this morning:

"U.S. stocks tepidly rose in early trade Friday but sharp losses in the financials sector following a mixed batch of corporate results from some of the nation’s biggest banks and poor data on retail-sales and inflation."

"Economic surprises continue to tilt toward the downside in the world’s largest economy, suggesting that the Federal Reserve’s hawkish stance earlier in the year could once again prove ill-founded”

Tech is running out of gas at the third lower high...

Recession stocks are "leading"

Yellen promised more casino candy if fake reflation turns out to be fake:

"On Wednesday, dovish comments from Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen in Capitol Hill testimony boosted helped to support hopes that the Fed would moderate its policies, which have been supportive to equity markets and bonds, if coming data proved weak"

There's only one problem: the rest of the world doesn't believe in the Potemkin President and the retarded Fed:

Who will be right, casino gamblers high on fake believe

Or the rest of the world?


The rest of the world...