Saturday, July 8, 2017

No, They Don't See It Coming

What will it take for the Idiocracy to finally learn a lesson. I know...

Led by their circus-clown-in-chief, the de facto Idiocracy assumes that reality and fate will never catch up to them, when it already has, they're just too fucking dunced to realize it. What the zombies want is a harder lesson...

Suffice to say it will be far safer in Cuba when this shit show goes down...

ZH: Artists impression of failed states

Remember bail-outs, the doubling in the U.S. debt, interest rates at 0% for eight years, 100% borrowed GDP growth, elimination of nine million good jobs replaced by baristas, stock buybacks to paper over revenue stagnation, tens of trillions in printed money to support the casino?

Well that's Ponzi capitalism because "real" capitalism failed in 2008 and had to get bailed out. Now we have a Ponzi scheme for attention deficit idiots who've already forgotten how we got here. 

October 16, 2016:

The world’s biggest central banks are bulking up their balance sheets this year at the fastest pace since 2011’s European debt crisis to boost lackluster economic recoveries with asset purchases that are supporting stock and bond prices.

This week:

As we see via Zerohedge, Trumpfuckistan didn't get the memo, because their circus clown knows more than the rest of the world combined:

We know one thing, they don't see it coming. Too busy counting their fake wealth and blowing smoke up each others' asses about "socialism"...

"Printing money was their secret to effortless wealth. They were amazed no one had tried it sooner"

Fucking morons