Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Big Long Is End Of Cycle

The Fed has an unbroken "success" rate for imploding every recovery, and they don't like losing. Last week, Fed head Janet Yellen admitted that higher interest rates after an eight year debt binge don't create reflation. Stoned gamblers took her newfound economic skepticism as a great reason to load up on Netflix. They will be shocked to learn that it's not...

"Wall Street found enough concern that inflation might not in fact head back up toward the Fed's 2% target to justify renewed market bullishness"

It was Pavlovian inevitability that economic collapse would eventually be seen as "bullish"...

Last Friday Wells Fargo missed on revenue. Today, Northern Trust missed on earnings...

Put it all together, what do you get?

Fed Policy by Police Squad deja vu:

Blackrock also missed this week

And of course Goldman imploded yesterday:

"Commodity weakness helped drive the decline, registering an unprecedentedly poor performance."

"We need to do better"

Good luck

"Get me some Netflix"