Monday, July 3, 2017

Sound And Fury Signifying Collapse

What we have is an aging society refusing to hold itself the least bit accountable, choosing instead to blame the younger generations for not doing enough to maintain the self-destructing status quo...

One thing that Trump and Republicans have decisively proven in the past six months is that even with absolute control over the U.S. government, they can't get anything done. And yet not a day can go by when I don't hear how Democrats are the party losing their relevance. There was this thing called an election. Democrats lost, and hence now the ball is FULLY in the Republican court and yet they can't find their ass with both hands. 

Why is that?
It's because at this latent stage of slow-motion collapse, political actors of all stripes don't have control they have the delusion of control. And they are aided and abetted by a cacophony of equally impotent observers waging bets constantly on a process that is wholly rudderless. 

Unfortunately, corporations have eaten the seed corn of the real economy. Even as profit margins are at an all time high, revenue growth is falling. Meaning that short-term profits were traded for long-term viability. At the economic macro level, debt has been wholly conflated with GDP. 

Meanwhile, 0% capital has accelerated the obsoletion cycle to a point where capital and labour are both being obsoleted at a rate that no longer affords payoff of legacy investment. In today's pseudo-economy, investments and skills are non-amortizing. This is all under today's fantasy auspice of "creative destruction", when it's really occurring in the shadow of economic collapse. 

And yet one constant throughout this entire fiasco is the hand-wringing and wailing about the "progressives" destroying the status quo. As if CNN is controlling the actions of millions of economic decision makers all actively monetizing the status quo. No, unfortunately that's not what is happening. 

Greed is boring a hole through the illusory dam that reactionaries have once again erected further downstream - the same dam that collapsed after Reagan and Bush 2.0. The same fantasy delusion that was intended to "protect" the status quo from the forces of progressive erosion.

While the real forces of attrition were the ones they were voting for all along.

Shock Doctrine 1.0 (9/11) and Shock Doctrine 2.0 (Lehman):

Foodstamps (blue, right scale, $billions); Corporate profits left scale, baselined to GDP:

"Never let a good crisis go to waste"