Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Melting Up To Meltdown

Global mass delusion has gone manic, aided and abetted by Trump, global Central Banks, OPEC, Wall Street, and Faux News 24x7. The entire world will learn that tightening liquidity in an asset bubble after an eight year debt binge is not "reflationary"...

Dollar "rally"
Oil "rally"
The ICARUS maximum risk rally
Volatility collapse
Amazonification of the Economy
Global Central Bank tightening

The Fed is the third major Central bank in the past week to meet. So the casino is currently in the "best 24 hours" of the year, right now.  

The Russian-appointed Oligarch-in-Chief is edging ever-closer to meltdown, now blasting his recently appointed Attorney General on an hourly basis. Aside from Wall Street swamp things eager for tax breaks, the number of people who will work with Trump is the limit approaching zero:

Trump's new bog beast Communications director:

This is the state of the oil "rally" following yesterday's OPEC circle jerk:

Any questions?

The $USD is just waiting for the Fed to confirm they don't know what they're doing. For GDP (Friday) to confirm the Fed doesn't know what they're doing. Or for dollar bulltards to realize they don't know what they're doing.

In the fullness of time, all three...

This week, we confirmed that the ICARUS rally has brought gamblers' cash balances to record low levels, amid the frenzied buying of crypto-currencies and Chinese internet stocks,

...and small cap junk stocks:

Last week we learned that VIX 20 will bring meltdown. However, yesterday we learned that a mere one day gap down will bring meltdown. The noose is tight...

And of course, the main event, we get to learn this week (Thursday) how it is that Amazon can keep taking over more and more of the U.S. economy, without actually making money. According to casino gamblers - 23 years and three economic cycles of income-less revenue growth has yet to prove the solvency of the direct-from-China delivery system.

Shocker to anyone who doesn't have a fucking brain...

Icarus Rally bonus charts:



Chinese internet stocks

IPO Mutual fund

Largest IPO of the year