Monday, July 24, 2017

"It's A Great Time To Be A Ponzi Schemer"

The real problem we face is that somehow the human race has been dumbed down to the level of a brick...

Stoned zombies are just an Amazon implosion away from discovering that their thought dealers are serial charlatans who've been using history's largest asset bubble to hide their profound corruption and servitude to the corporate perpetual growth model...

"The hidden consensus in Canada is we don’t talk critically about immigration. The taboo against discussing it is very real"

Even though a majority of Canadians tell pollsters “immigration is good for the economy,” Jeram said some don’t realize their per capita financial well-being may be shrinking as corporations bring in immigrants to make up for skill shortages.

“Instead of offering internship programs or on-the-job training, they just import new workers from elsewhere. That leads to a smaller piece of the economic pie for host-society workers.”

It should be no surprise, he said, that corporations advocate more immigrants and temporary foreign workers.

They have no skin in the game in regards to income levels at the low end of the scale. High immigration has no negative impact on them. Only positive.”

Contrary to conventional North American wisdom, Jeram said, “bigger is not necessarily better” for creating equitable financial well-being. “Most wealthy societies are very small.”