Tuesday, July 11, 2017

HIGH Expectations

Forrest Trump's entire platform is predicated upon ass raping all future generations. Generation Madoff is waiting patiently for their payoff...

It might not work:


"Oil prices could soon fall below $40 a barrel if investors don't get a clear catalyst that prompts them to start buying the commodity, Goldman Sachs said on Tuesday...The investment bank believes oil prices will not rally until traders see at least one of two things: further intervention from OPEC or a consistent drop in both U.S. crude oil stockpiles and the number of rigs operating in American fields."


"Oil futures were little changed in New York, trading near $44 a barrel following a report that Saudi Arabia exceeded its agreed-upon output limits last month."

Bank investors had good reason to cheer the results of the most recent Federal Reserve stress tests – but second-quarter earnings may be more sobering.

“We see more misses than beats” 

"...the hoped-for “reflation trade” isn’t coming, The Trump Bump is dead.”

Second largest IPO of the year:

Largest IPO in three years: